Turkey has experienced in recent years frequent disasters caused by earthquakes, river floodings and landslides.

Flood Management is an integral part of our Disaster Management Services which includes hazard vulnerability studies, microzonation, risk assessment, land-use planning and recommendations for hazard mitigation strategies. Due to specific nature of disasters, our recommendations are tailored for each specific cause, but our approach for mitigation is holistic. Our clients are central governments, municipal authorities, rural communities and private investors.

Interference with natural water systems has its own risks. Therefore while planning any hydraulic structure, we try to cause least possible hindrance to natural water systems.

We work with universities, research institutes and specialists to assess flood risks and potential damages to people and their properties. Input of social scientists, economists and regional planners adds value to our strategic planning. For example, we do not recommend always technically sound defence systems (ie. well built high embankments for flood control) so that they create more capacity in high risk areas, and consequently still sounder defence systems (ie. better built and higher embankments) are needed in near future.