• 1975

    May 1975
    Foundation of Alter-Atilla Özdikmen
    Engineering Office
    Ankara, Turkey

    Water Supply Engineering
    First assignment, Engineering design for Yayladağı and Oğuzeli water supply projects in Southeast Anatolia, Turkey

  • 1977

    Sewerage Engineering
    Design for wastewater collection and storm-water drainage projects
  • 1978 & 1979

    Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Flood Management
    Detailed engineering design for flood control, irrigation and drainage projects for Pamukova Plain, Northwest Anatolia, Turkey.

    Detailed engineering design for irrigation and drainage projects for Iğdır and Aksu Plains, East and South Anatolia, Turkey.

  • 1981 & 1983

    Projects in Neighbour Countries
    Prebid assistance and consulting on project management for housing projects in Ben Valid and Ziliten, S.P.L.A.J (Libya)

    Prebid assistance and consulting on project management of housing project at Al Isawiyah and headquarters building construction at Al Gurayyat Kingdom of S. Arabia.

  • 1984

    August 1984
    Restructuring of Alter as limited liability company
  • 1985

    Highway and Bridge Engineering
    Engineering design for state highway between Simav-Sındırgı Intersection and Demirci, West Anatolia, Turkey.
  • 1988

    Water Treatment Plants
    Planning and engineering design for water treatment plants for Şebinkarahisar and Kumru, Northeast Anatolia, Turkey.
  • 1991 & 1992

    Detailed engineering design for Trabzon water supply project, Northeast Anatolia, Turkey.

    Planning, design and engineering services for Denizli water supply project, Southwest Anatolia, Turkey.

  • 1993

    Project Management
    İkitelli housing project, İstanbul.
  • 1995 & 1997

    Project management services for Akhisar and Nazilli housing projects, West Anatolia, Turkey.

    Bursa Water and Sanitary Project / Water Supply Component financed by World Bank.

    Kayseri Water Supply Project, financed by KfW.

    Water treatment plants of Sakarya Group (4 towns) and Hopa.

  • 1998

    Environmental protection planning and EIAs in Southeast and East Anatolia, Turkey.

    Wastewater treatment plant of Sivrice

  • 1999

    January 1999
    Change to current name:
    Alter International Engineering and Consulting Services Ltd.

    Airport engineering
    Çardak-Denizli and Muş Airports detailed design of taxiways, aprons and landside facilities.

    Railway engineering
    Samsun-İskenderun Railway Feasibility Study, longest route (1000 km) studied in a single contract in Turkey.

  • 2000

    Highway engineering
    Saray-Kırklareli Highway engineering design, one of the longest routes (80 km) designed in a single contract in Turkey.

    Rural development
    Urfa-Edene Group water supply project in GAP
    (Southeastern Anatolia Project), largest area covered (36.000 hec), maximum number of villages served (300) and maximum length of transmission and distribution pipes laid (1350 km) in a single contract in Turkey.

  • 2001

    Samsun Sewerage Study financed by EIB.
  • 2002

    Planning and conceptual design of Naipköy Dam on Kocadere River for supply of water to city of Tekirdağ.

    Dams and Hydropower Plants
    Feasibility Study of Kestanelik, İyisu and Çankaya Dams and Hydropower Plants on Karadere River, Eastern Black Sea.

  • 2002 & 2003

    Urban Infrastructures
    Türkkonut Temelli Yenihisar – Mass Housing Scheme Infrastructure Facilities.
  • 2004 & 2005

    Disaster Risk Management
    Micronization and Hazard Vulnerability Studies for Disaster Mitigation