ALTER International is an independent group of

  • social scientists
  • economists and financial experts
  • institution and capacity building experts
  • planners
  • engineers and technology scientists

We offer integrated multi – disciplinary services in development planning, civil, structural, electro-mechanical and environmental engineering.

Since our foundation in 1975 in Ankara, Turkey, we have undertaken a large volume of engineering and consulting works locally and internationally, many of them financed by international agencies.

ALTER International is an independent consulting firm. It has no manufacturing or contracting interest. Absolute obedience to this rule maintains our credibility towards our customers.

Knowledge Management
ALTER International has grown during last 33 years from a design office dealing with projects of limited budgets to a firm giving engineering and consulting services to complex, large – scale projects within diverse fields of engineering. As a result of this growth, interdisciplinary teams have been working together for many years.

Accumulation and development of knowledge and sharing it at institutional level has gained prime importance in our management concept. Conveyance of this understanding to our customers, partners and suppliers adds value to our consulting services.

Project Approach
ALTER International handles projects varying in value from a few thousand to several million EUROS. Irrespective of size and complexity, each project receives the same precise and cost-effective approach.

ALTER International’s customers include government agencies, metropolitan and other municipalities, contractors and private enterprises, financial institutes and funding agencies.