We offer planning, feasibility study and engineering design services for dams and hydropower plants (HPP).

Surveys and planning

  • Digital mapping and on ground surveying
  • Surface geology
  • Geotechnical studies for stability and impermeability of the reservoirs
  • Insitu and laboratory testings for fill materials
  • Positioning of most suitable dam axis
  • Hydrometric and hydrological studies
  • Selection of most economical dam type, height and dam section
  • Selection of HPP installed capacity
  • Assessment of Environmental Impacts

Feasibility study

  • Feasibility study of dams and HPP’s including other benefits such as irrigation and drinking water supply.

Engineering design

  • Preliminary and detailed design of dams, derivation structures, spillways, bottom discharge structures, water intake, pressurized pipes, power plant, switchyard, energy transmission lines and other related structures

Tender documents

  • Preparation of bills of quantities, cost estimates and tender documents