Water and Environment

Our key approach to all engineering projects is to be environment friendly to ensure that the project is involved in sustainable development. The environment is complex and any interference without due diligence will have adverse effects to its natural phenomena. For this reason, we are integrating the knowledge and expertise of highly specialized experts such as agronomists, anthropologists, ecologists, economists, environmental experts, geologists, hydrologists, planners and engineers.

Our philosophy is :

  • To perceive each assignment as part of a total programme management for sustainable development.
  • To be aware that the natural resources are limited and need be managed effectively.
  • To give prime importance to waste reducing and energy saving technologies.

We have been active for more than 40 years in Turkey and neighboring countries providing assistance to public and private sectors for their environmental projects such as water supply, sewerage and solid waste management. We offer total programme services such as resource development, planning, project identification, project support, engineering, tendering, construction and installation management, site supervision and start up operations. The firm concentrates on least cost planning for municipal utility investments.

During recent years our activities in environmental projects has been developing in the direction of municipal utility operations and management, subsequently our teams have increased their skills in capacity building, human resource management and organizational development and training.

Beside the services for environmental projects, we are increasingly rendering services for environmental management, environmental protection planning and environmental impact assessment .

ALTER is holder of Class A Certificate for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and/or pre-investigations for EIA issued by Turkish Ministry of Environment.